Community work frequently invites a need to present and preserve social processes or the Community heritage. The display is based on in-depth study of the subject that is presented. The community’s elements are also studied. The display, in participation with the community’s people, creates a sense of belonging.

Selected projects:

2019: a display to summarize the public participation process in the planning green areas at the Ahdut site in Petah Tikva.

Heritage House at the Matte Yehuda Regions Council, which was built in 2010. It operated as an information center, conducted activities for different age groups, and educational work through 2014.

2012: Handicrafts Exhibition, which displayed the handicrafts of women from a range of cultures in the Matte Yehuda Regions Council.

The exhibition was accompanied by an evening of stories, singing, and dancing.

2009: exhibition at the Matte Yehuda Region Council to mark the Kibbutz centennial, including stories from the seven kibbutzim in the region.

2019: Eshet Hay’il  Exhibition – a mobile exhibit about the women in Matte Yehuda. It was presented as an event to honor Moroccan Jews at Moshav Tirosh, and then at the Elderly Daycare Center at Naham.

2018: From Generation to Generation – a heritage exhibit summarizing activities with Bedouin and Jewish youths. The exhibition was held at the Rahat Community Center and then at the regional school in Kibbutz Shoval.