About us

Roved Geology and Social Consulting Ltd. is a private company engaged in applied geology consulting and social consulting for construction, community, infrastructures, and mining planning projects.

The company was founded in 2018 by a couple, Dr. Ram Ben-David [CV] and Dr. Orit Brawer Ben-David [CV] in the realization that the provision of consultancy services in these two fields will well serve project managers and decision-makers.

Our company employs twelve people in the fields of civil and environmental geology, mining geology, GIS, anthropology, and program management. The most senior of them is Udi Codington [CV].


Our company is named Roved (strata in Hebrew), because the Earth’s strata reveal the changing story of our planet in time and space, as well as the social strata that characterize the structure and development of the society as a whole.

Every planning project must be initially based on a prior investigation of the soil conditions on the one hand and the social and economic needs of the population and community on the other hand.

We therefore deemed it fit to consolidate the two specializations into a one consultancy firm, which can seek optimal and sustainable planning.

The partnership began at Roved Geology, founded in 1994 by Dr. Ram David (PhD from the Earth Sciences Institute at the Hebrew University of Jerusalem).

The firm specializes in a number of applied geology fields – including engineering geology, minerals resources, and raw materials, and environment surveys related to natural water sources and soil.

Dr. Orit Brawer Ben-David (PhD from the Faculty of Social Sciences at Tel Aviv University) began providing social, program, and public participation consultancy for master plans and outline plans in 2000.

Roved-Geological consulting

The company’s geology section specializes in three main fields:

Engineering geology

  • Tunnels
  • Soil investigation for roads, interchanges, and other infrastructures
  • Engineering geology for construction
  • Slop stability
  • Earthquake hazards
  • Sea/land dynamic system – coastal cliff stability, etc.

Integration of environmental problems, economical geological, and soil engineering

  • Raw materials for the construction industry (aggregates, sand, kurkar, plaster, clays, etc. in Israel and overseas)
  • Minerals (gold, diamonds, copper, etc. overseas operations)

Environmental geology

  • Investigation of drainage systems, floods, scour erosion, and fill
  • Groundwater level, hydraulic carriers

Roved-Social consulting

Social consulting is based on anthropological knowledge, which studies the cultures of different communities, as well as the experience in communicating with people from different cultures. Social consulting also deals with guiding groups and mediation, and the use of other tools in joint planning processes. The social background offers planners an initial familiarity with the public in a planning project and subsequent joint planning processes to optimize the planning and reduce objections to a plan.